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Hollywood Glamour Meets Muslim Lives

Hollywood and the Oscars have taken a lot of flak recently. We all remember that awks moment last year when Leo FINALLY won his Oscar but lots of people weren’t there to see it; many of our favourite stars had decided to boycott the event in response to what they considered to be a lack of diversity across the nominations. But things are changing. And they are changing fast.

In the past, it seemed that the film industry was run by a bunch of ageing producers with a very old-fashioned view of the world. But now it seems that Hollywood is finally getting its act together. You only had to look at the Golden Globes nominations (and listen to that acceptance speech) to feel optimistic about the big screen of 2017. We at Ummahsonic towers are daring to hope that this might be the year that we drop the all-American-gal and boy-next-door clichés of the past and finally start being shown films that we can actually relate to.

Whilst it’s taken a while to get to this point, we thought we’d look back over some of our favourite films of the last few years that have helped us get to where we are today. After all, some people had already noticed that our everyday lives are quite a good go-to if you’re looking for inspiration and creative material!

Mooz-lum (2010)

Mooz-lum is a great example of the everyday life and struggles of someone growing up in an American Muslim family. It follows the life of a guy with a difficult past who’s trying to get into college, partly as an attempt to get closer to his parents. The film may be dramatic in parts, but it’s a great view.

Djinn (2013)

This one is way weirder. An Emirati couple who have been living in the United States return home only to be pestered by some supernatural creatures from Middle Eastern folklore. It turns out their high rise apartment is built on an old fishing village and some ghostly djinn are less than happy about that…Not so ‘everyday’ but still worth a watch.

The Kite Runner (2007)

We’ve all cried over this one, the heart-breaking story of a young boy growing up in Afghanistan. It not only made us weep, but it also showed that serious issues and harrowing tales of conflict can be successful at the box office. It was directed by Marc Foster, better known to most popcorn munchers as the director of World War Z.

The recent Golden Globe awards showed that diversity has arrived and is here to stay. We expect the Oscars to start going the same way. It’s taken a while for talented people from different backgrounds to get the recognition they deserve – but hard work and perseverance are paying off and we couldn’t be happier.



Got any more film recommendations? Let us know!

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