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An Investigation Into Halal Memes for Jannah Minded Teens

Featured image credit: Halal Memes for Jannah Minded Teens

Every so often, you’re fortunate enough to be granted special privileges far beyond your wildest dreams. It might involve you being given the front seat of the car over the rest of your siblings, or it could be bossman at the chicken shop hitting you with five wings when you only paid for four. Or, if you’re really lucky, it might see you invited to join one of the most exclusive halal memes clubs on the internet.

This is where we found ourselves when we recently became part of the private Facebook group, Halal Memes for Jannah Minded Teens (‘home of the dankest memes in the deen’). In reality, all it entailed was a friend already in the group accepting the request of one of the Ummahsonic team, but still, we’re proud.

Anyways, HMJMT serves as a platform for (mostly) Muslim teens to share various memes that are, by and large, related to Islam. Of course, this leaves the door open for web-based banter on subjects like your parents, fasting, hijabs, looking for a husband/wife and loads of other experiences you have growing up Muslim.

The page is flooded with user-submitted memes every day, so here are a few of our faves from the past week or so:

Despite the fact we just dumped a load of memes above this very sentence, we want to make this point: Halal Memes… is about more than the memes themselves. If you scan through the comments under the posts, you’ll see a lot of lively discussions concerning whatever subject the meme tackles.

Occasionally, when a meme strays a bit too close to haram territory, some users can really kick off in the comments, causing others to dive in and defend the content. It’s not exactly measured public discourse, but you’ve got to remember this is the internet. You’re bound to encounter a few over enthusiastic back-and-forths.

But whatever the nature of the comment-based tussles, the page still serves a purpose more important that its name suggests. Apart from incredible sites like Ummahsonic (thanks), there really aren’t that many positive online spaces for young Muslims – particularly ones that are largely free from the prying eyes of trolls. With HMJMT, 80,000+ members, most of whom are Muslim, can discuss the faith, share the struggles of growing up with well-meaning but overbearing parents, and poke fun at the little things (like losing your shoes at Masjid).

While this might not seem like a big deal, if you’re from a place with a small Muslim community, or you rarely see positive depictions of the faith in the media, then a page like this can offer a very modern style of comfort. Even if it is in the form of memes.

So go and join Halal Memes for Jannah Minded Teens. We can’t guarantee that a member of the group will accept your request but TBH, they probably will.

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