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Halal Holiday Hackers #7 Travel and Teeth

There are very few places more depressing than a dentist’s waiting room. If sitting in silence while thumbing through a three-year-old issue of Radio Times wasn’t bleak enough, the discomfort and/or sheer horror inflicted on your mouth that follows makes the whole experience unequivocally The Worst.

The extremely bad time guaranteed by the dentist understandably overshadows the fact that – as hard as it is to believe when you’re in the chair – dentists are actually people too. They have lives, families, maybe even friends. And some have hobbies, hobbies they document on social media.

We discovered this to be true earlier in the year, when we wrote about a blogger called Steak & Teeth for our halal food series. Between scraping gums and lecturing people about brushing or whatever, this dentist maintained an excellent blog on eating halal.

He must have inspired some sort of trend, because we’ve now discovered another dentist who blogs about stuff he likes. As this is the latest instalment of our Halal Holiday Hackers series, the stuff this dentist likes is obviously travel. His name is Sami Diab AKA Travel and Teeth (@travelandteeth). Let’s take a look at some of his best Instagram posts.

BUT before we begin: if you decide to click through to his Instagram, you will see a lot of gross dental work photos. Just a warning for the squeamish, that.

#iceland #planecrash #usnavy #blacksandbeach #justinbieber #was #here #bieber

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Swipe for more #gullfosswaterfall #gullfoss #waterfall #geyser #iceland

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Also, check out the drone action.

While we may dislike the dentist ourselves, we are extremely fortunate to have access to a dentist at all. A huge amount of people don’t have such privilege.

Sami Diab knows this. It’s clear that some of his travels serve a greater purpose than personal globetrotting:

The final hours have my trip have sadly arrived. I am very thankful to have met so many great people, both patients and providers.  This trip was deeply fulfilling in many ways. This was my first mission trip. At first, I was hesitant to post anything online about the trip because I didn’t want to make a big deal about it.  The reason that I ultimately decided to post these pictures and stories is because these are the types of posts that motivated me to make the trip. These people really need us.  From a dental and medical standpoint, they are severely underserved. Even with our limited resources we were able to make a huge difference. We treated many children whose parents said that their child hasn’t been able to eat or sleep well in months. We saw adults that have had abscesses and have been taking ibuprofen for pain chronically. Many of them just wanted relief in fear that they wouldn’t be able to survive the pain without meds in the upcoming month of Ramadan. I remember one older gentleman that came with several family members​ from a distant area in the camp. His upper full denture had cracked in half and he hasn’t been able to eat properly without it. His family was very worried about his health and the fact that he was losing so much weight.  My friend @omgitskiu and I went on a scavenger hunt in Amman and ultimately found him a strong epoxy at a hobby store that I used to repair the denture. If you haven’t gone, I would strongly suggest that you go. The need is real. Please checkout for more info or to donate. Also, I really want to thank my wife @hibad1a for all of her support and encouragement. To be honest, I never would have gone without her motivation. #smilemoredental #dentistry #dentist #teeth #travelandteeth #drdiab #chicago #chicagoland #wheaton #lombard #aurora #love #smilemakeover #smile #teeth #peace #syria #jordan #amman #refugees #syrian #children #syrianamericanmedicalsociety

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Here’s our guy volunteering his vital dental skills to Syrian refugees at a camp in Jordan. When we see a photo like this, we remember how lucky we are to have the opportunity to glance through a three-year-old Radio Times before a trained professional ensures our teeth aren’t about to fall out.

Some people won’t ever get the chance to receive such care (let alone moan about it).

If you’re a dentist who also blogs about their life outside the clinic, please get in touch. Unless it’s to complain about us, in which case, sorry for calling you The Worst 🙁

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