Halal Food Instagram Heroes #3: One Arab Vegan

Featured image credit: One Arab Vegan.

On last week’s edition of Halal Food Instagram Heroes we introduced you to the belt-busting culinary adventures of Man Vs Halal Food. The upmarket meat-based diet showcased on his IG made our pupils dilate to the size of saucers, and we’ve spent the past seven days fantasising about buttermilk chicken burgers and perfectly grilled steaks.

It all got a bit much, if we’re honest. So for this week’s HFIH we’ve decided to go in the other direction and focus on all things vegan. Or more specifically, the work of Nada E. AKA One Arab Vegan.

Nada is a Bahrain-based blogger who went to university in Nottingham and London. During her studies in the UK, she followed the time honoured British student tradition of eating total garbage. In her third year, she decided to ‘get her act together’. Yet this came with its own pitfalls, as vigorous exercise and obsessive calorie counting took over her life.

She needed a new approach. On her blog, Nada writes: ‘Salvation came when I discovered plant-based eating and raw foods. Slowly but surely I did away with my restrictive eating and exercise habits, and with the help and support of my loved ones, climbed back up to a healthy weight with a renewed perspective on exercising to stay fit and a newfound passion for cooking food that was both nutritious and delicious.’

Her Instagram and blog document her experimental and enjoyable approach to vegan cooking. It’s a multicoloured marvel to look at, and we already feel healthier just scrolling through her profile. Check it:

See? Don’t those pictures make it feel as if your skin is suddenly glowing a shade brighter? If the above has got too much of a ‘clean-eating’ thing going on for you, then do not fear. Nada’s culinary skills will still please anyone with a sweet tooth. Take a look:

After cruising through One Arab Vegan’s Instagram we’ve learned that vegan food is not all lettuce and chickpeas. In fact, as well as being delicious, it’s something that can challenge us to be more adventurous in the kitchen.

Plus, it’s all 100% halal. Naturally.

Be sure to check out Nada’s Instagram as well as her website.

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