Halal Food Instagram Heroes #4 Steak & Teeth

Featured image credit: Steak & Teeth.

We are not terrible people. The last thing we want to do is introduce any word, phrase or idea that could make you think of the dentist. Indelicate reminders of the figure in a white coat prodding and scraping your teeth is not the purpose of this blog, far from it.

Dentists, although it may shock you to hear, are people too. When they’re not subjecting you to waves of pain and lectures about oral hygiene, they’re living lives just like everyone else. Weird, right? Take the man behind Steak & Teeth for example. T, as he likes to be known, runs the S&T blog with his better half, S, a nurse.

Together they create very funny and just-arch-enough reviews of the best halal food, share delicious halal recipes, and stock their website with vital blogs like ‘London’s Top 10 Ice Creams’. T is also the author of one of the better About Us sections in the world of halal food blogging. Check out this gem:

‘As a Muslim dentist with a sweet tooth and a meat tooth, I firmly believe in upholding the hypocritical oath. That is, to tell my patients to look after their teeth, whilst I proceed to destroy my own.’


When we first decided to write about Steak & Teeth we had a vague plan to riff on T and S’s professions; to make a few gags along the lines of ‘all this food must be good for you, we mean a dentist and a nurse eat it, right??’ yadda yadda. But seeing as they both cloak themselves in anonymity and readily admit they’re obliterating their enamel in the name of halal food blogging, we won’t bother.

Instead, we’ll make ourselves (and you) die of food envy by posting some impossibly good looking eats from the Steak & Teeth Instagram, starting with piles of meat. Like this steak:

Or these crispy chicken tenders.

Or what about this massive burger with onion rings in it?!?!

All the veggies reading – don’t worry. Steak & Teeth also search out the best non-meat dishes. Including this vibrant looking chaat from the Street Eats festival we recently told you about:

Or this, let’s be honest, pretty obscene looking shake. But come on. A shake is still vegetarian:

As we mentioned earlier, the Steak & Teeth website reviews all the places they post about on Instagram while offering the occasional recipe to cook at home. Best of all, every Steak & Teeth review is broken down into four categories – food, value for money, service, and decor – followed by an overall score.

If you want all of your halal food options listed on one website, and you’re not the sort of person to risk a place without poring over a meticulous review of it, then Steak & Teeth is probably the only halal blog you need to follow.

Your teeth might not thank you, but your tastebuds will.

Check out the Steak & Teeth website and be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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