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Halal Food Instagram Heroes #1 Halal Girl About Town

Featured image credit: Halal Girl About Town.

The other day we posted an article about the struggles of eating in a non halal restaurant. Very often, we’re stuck with a disappointing side salad as a main or, if we’re lucky, a chicken dish we aren’t exactly unreasonably psyched about.

It got us thinking: What can we do to increase our chances of regularly experiencing halal friendly eats? How can we get to a point where halal food isn’t an afterthought? To a place where we don’t have to pick at sad leaves of lettuce when we dine with our non-Muslim mates?

We’re not really sure. Still, we thought we could take a small step in that direction by hyping up the heroes who are filling Instagram with incredible halal dishes, recipes and inspiration for the eager halal eater. It’s a bit like our artist series, but for food.

We’re kicking it off with one of our favourites, the undisputed champ of outrageously good-looking restaurant choices, Halal Girl About Town.

HGAT is the name of the anonymous blogger behind the wildly successful website and Instagram of the same name. From what we can gather from her social media, she pretty much lives the greatest life of all time, consistently eating some outrageously delicious looking halal food.

For example, this chicken burger:

Or these colourful eggs florentine…

#latergram of this delicious eggs florentine ? from @saltandhoneybistro #HGAT

A post shared by Halal Girl About Town (@halal_girl) on

Or what about these blousy orb things?!?!

#tb to these juicy soup filled chicken dumplings from @shenghigh ? #HGAT

A post shared by Halal Girl About Town (@halal_girl) on

Oh, they’re dumplings. We still want them.

Although scrolling through Halal Girl About Town’s Instagram will probably fill you with debilitating pangs of envy, you’ve got to look at the bigger picture. By following her as she embarks on her eating adventure, you’re made aware of halal places (or places with good halal options) that you may never have otherwise known about.

For example, who knew there were so many halal options at KERB, a street food market in London. We’re probably going to run to it tomorrow if this enormous lamb burger is still on offer.

We’re already drooling.

Also, who knew you could rock up to Bó Drake in Soho and cop some crispy halal Korean fried chicken wings with sweet potato fries and gyoza? We didn’t until we started following HGAT, and now we literally can’t stop thinking about halal Korean fried chicken wings with sweet potato fries and gyoza.

So go and follow Halal Girl About Town. She is your halal guide; take her hand as she leads you on a journey through halal food heaven.

This is her Instagram. You know what button you need to smash when you get there.

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