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Five Hijabi Hurdles from the Last of the British Summer

If you were outdoors last weekend, you would have had the pleasure of a boiling Saturday versus a pouring Sunday, a pattern which has shamelessly continued for centuries.

For any British Muslim woman following the practice of hijab in the form of a headscarf, the word “unpredictable” takes on a whole new frightening dimension in the middle of the summer. The safe, warm layers of winter are an almost welcome thought (we did say, almost) as our current season regrettably teases us.

Here are the deepest five questions you might find yourself asking:

What scarf shall I wear today?

The fabric on my head is not waterproof. It’s funny how many times you’ve said that unusual sentence in your life. So you look through your collection of thin ones, thick ones, long ones and short ones to try and establish a fabric suitable for the heat, cold, wet or wind, or all four.

Will I need an umbrella?

This existential crisis has been a predicament for our forefathers since the beginning of time. The solution is to check your phone for the weather and then assume the opposite!

Is one layer sufficient?

The short answer: no. We can’t go without mentioning that summer fashion is not conducive to achieving the standard of hijabi style you seek. The market produces either low-cut or short-sleeved wonders. Garment calculations are made daily, with back-up cardigans and long-sleeved vests at the ready.

How cool do I look with the wind blowing in my scarf?

While the general British public appears to have their hair stylishly rippling in the direction of the wind, the British summer will drive the edges of your scarf into all the wrong corners – no matter how many safety pins you fastened into place earlier. Much to your horror, you spend the day pulling your scarf left, right and centre.

Since when did I obtain an afro?

When your hair is released from the confines of the helmet on a particularly humid day, you’ll either find it stuck to your head, or shaken out to produce a frizzy matted afro of epic proportions. It’s hard to tell whether this is a genetic development.

Bring on the autumn!

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