How to Celebrate Father’s Day During Ramadan

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Dads are great. They always do such dad stuff, like yelling at traffic and falling asleep in front of the TV. However, they also do other forms of dad stuff, like providing for us, encouraging us to work hard, and giving us advice that may seem annoying at the time, but that we’ll look back on and think, ‘that was actually pretty good advice from dad.’ Thanks Dad.

We’re not the only ones who appreciate dad. It’s why there’s a whole day devoted to him. Father’s Day is this Sunday (that’s 18 June FYI) right in the middle of Ramadan, so we’re here to help you give props to pops in a way that fits with the holy month. We get that you don’t need a Father’s Day to appreciate the man who raised you, but it does give us an opportunity to remind him that we really, truly do. So let’s start with a gesture that we should be thinking about every day of the year – regardless of your faith.

Try to be a Good Son/Daughter no Matter What Day it is

Much like football managers, fathers value consistency above all else. If you’re a tearaway hoodlum for 364 days out of the year, your dad’s not going to forget it because you gave him a pair of novelty socks from Matalan on the 18th of June.

During Ramadan, we make an extra effort to remember God, to be generous, and to be mindful of others. Perhaps most importantly, we try carry these values with us to next year’s Holy Month. The same applies to Father’s Day: show your dad gratitude and respect on Sunday, then try to show him the same for the rest of the year.

Get Him Some Fresh Clothes for Eid

Picture the scene: It’s the first Eid prayer and your dad is wearing the clothes you gave him for Father’s Day. Not only will he feel blessed to have as thoughtful a kid as you, it will also remind you of the fulfilment you get from being generous to others.

Plus a nice thobe is much better than novelty socks.

Guide Him Through Some Ramadan Apps

This is how your dad (and your mum for that matter) use a smartphone: Device in left palm, right index finger tracing a tentative route around the screen, face contorted into painful grimace – bonus if they’re peering over specs – as if they’ve just watched someone eat an entire jar of mayonnaise. Which, to be honest, they might have, seeing as they can easily end up in the darkest corners of YouTube even if they just wanted to send a text that said ‘where r u’.

OK, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but it hints at a broader truth: Dads aren’t great at smartphones. So this Father’s Day, help him get the hang of it in the best possible way: With a Ramadan app. There are numerous apps out there that can help you have a blessed Holy Month, including iQuran (daily Quranic verse, with audio readings) and Share the Meal (a United Nations app that lets you donate to hungry children).

Do a Nafl Prayer for Your Father

As Father’s Day is a time to reflect on all your dad’s best qualities, maybe this Sunday you could perform a Nafl prayer for your father. After all, Ramadan is a time to be thankful for all you have. This is the opportunity to give thanks to God for all your dad does for you.

Happy Father’s Day, and Ramadan Mubarak.

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