This is why We Love Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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Just before the holy month started, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau posted a message wishing Muslims in Canada and across the world a peaceful and blessed Ramadan:


Wishing Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed & peaceful holy month of #Ramadan.

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We really like this quote, which does well to explain the true meaning of the month:

“Ramadan is a sacred time of the year for the Muslim community, and commemorates the revealing of the Qur’an to Prophet Muhammad. The month-long journey of fasting and prayer encourages spiritual growth, reflection, and compassion for those who are less fortunate.

“Ramadan is also a time of community, when Muslims gather with family and friends to pray and share Iftar, the evening meal. For all of us, Ramadan is a reminder to appreciate the many gifts we are given, and to give generously to others, in our communities and around the world.”  

Trudeau has always preached openness and tolerance, so it makes sense that his Ramadan message should also serve to help non-Muslims understand Ramadan. Couple this with his easy charm and knack for a photo opportunity, and you’ve got a very popular world leader regularly popping up on your timeline.

Don’t believe us? Then let’s take a look at why we – and millions of other people – love Justin Trudeau.

He Stands for Equality

Whether on issues of religion, sexuality, race, the economy or gender – as the above caption discusses – Trudeau believes in fairness and equality for all.

He’s a Man of the People

Trudeau does not shy away from hitting the streets to talk face to face with regular citizens – something that’s made him extremely popular both at home and abroad

He’s a Family Man

Trudeau is often seen having all sorts of fun with his young family. Like in the picture above, where the Canadian PM canoes down a Canadian river with his wife and kids, in what could be the most Canadian photo ever taken.

He’s Doin’ it for the Kids

It’s the long weekend that kicks off the summer – and we’re making it easier for your family to get out and enjoy it.

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Trudeau recognises that children are the future, so many of his policies focus on making life easier for Canadians and their families. Her he is joining in on one of those giant sheet games you did at school where you all throw it up then leg it under. Don’t ask us what it’s called.

He’s Not Afraid to Step in the Ring

Naturally, we’re using the above image to hint at a wider metaphorical definition of ‘step in the ring’, like in a ‘he fights political battles’ way, not actual teenagers.   Anyways, moving on.

He’s a Star Wars Fan

The socks never lie.

He Does This Weird Thing Where He Balances Kids on His Hand

Joyeuse #fiertémtl !! // Happy #mtlpride !! #elxn42 #montreal

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We don’t get it, but we like it.


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