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Halal Food Instagram Heroes #5: My Big Fat Halal Blog

Featured image credit: My Big Fat Halal Food Blog.

Our exploration into the best halal food bloggers on Instagram (and beyond) continues at pace this week, as we delve into the delicious world of Ayesha Razak, the mind behind My Big Fat Halal Blog.

Unlike most of the bloggers we’ve looked at, whose culinary journeys are largely confined to the UK, Ayesha is a genuine globe-trotting gourmand, the kind that makes you look at the grey British skies and think, ‘why me? Why am I confined to the drudgery of work/school and a Tesco meal deal when I could be travelling the world eating dishes that I’d want to talk about for the next six months?’

We mean look at the gems that pop up on the My Big Fat Halal Food Instagram. Like this crazy watermelon taco ice cream creation found in Malaysia:

Or these chicken and beef satay sticks copped in a street market in Penang:

Closer to home, Ayesha finds dishes we never knew existed in London, like this relatively brutal but brilliant Indian style steak burrito monster, courtesy of the Indian Street Kitchen food truck:

On her blog, Ayesha also posts the occasional recipe. From what we’ve seen, her dishes look like the kind of food you’d be happy to drop a reasonable amount of money on. We mean take a peek at these jalapeño, chicken and cheese samosas. That’s almost too much good stuff in one samosa. Who knew samosas were capable of such feats? What a day.

As it says on her website, Ayesha started My Big Fat Halal Blog because ‘there are sooo many choices to dine at in London, I realise it can be one of the most stressful decisions one can make. So with that in mind, I’ve (gladly) taken it upon myself to find and review the city’s finest cuisines.’

We one hundred percent slam-dunk-co-sign her outlook. In an odd paradoxical effect, the growing number of halal food choices in the UK (and beyond) can often make us stick to stuff we know. And that can get pretty boring.

So big shouts to Ayesha, and all the other halal food bloggers we’ve profiled, for helping us to navigate the halal food scene and to discover dishes that may have otherwise passed us by.

Don’t forget to give Ayesha a follow on Instagram and be sure to check out her website on the reg.

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