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Two Barbers of Charing Cross

Hussain Jamali and Andy Sarsby work together at a North London barbers, but these fine gentlemen aren’t your average hair clipping, beard trimming duo.

On Saturday nights, after they close the shop, they set up a free mobile barber service for homeless people outside Charing Cross station.

It all started when 30-year-old Hussain, who went through a period of being homeless, decided to give back to the community through projects offering free food to homeless people on the streets of London. He describes helping those in need as “healing”.

“When I cut a homeless person’s hair I talk with him and he talks with me, there are these beautiful stories,” he said. “Stories of what he’s been through.”

Andy, 24, joined Hussain on Saturday 8th October, at the beginning of the Muslim and Jewish New Year. “Being a hairdresser is an amazing gift,” said Andy. “There’s a lot of people out there that a haircut can really help – talking to them and making people really happy about themselves, and for people who don’t have an awful lot.”

The religious significance of helping those in need for both men is obvious. As a Muslim, Hussain feels it is his duty to give to others.

For Andy, who is Jewish, he feels it is not only a spiritually uplifting and rewarding experience, but also a huge eye-opener to the suffering that some people go through and how the simplest gesture can make a massive difference.

Both lads insist this is only the start of their amazing project, with plans to print t-shirts and offer more services. Hussain says, “It’s not just about cutting hair for free, but about someone … making people feel good and empowered.”

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