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Awkward Banter When You’re #GrowingUpMuslim

Let’s face it – growing up Muslim is a ‘unique’ experience of hilarious misunderstandings and irksome moments of confusion. If you know, you just know. These #GrowingUpMuslim hashtags completely nail the point:

1. When you have a fashion sense you just didn’t know about


2. There’s some truths you just can’t argue with (if followed by a Godly word)


3. The number of times your dad went home with an ‘uncle’s’ shoes, then a few traumatic phone calls later, it’s all sorted.


4. The guilt… oh, the unbearable guilt…


5. This prayer definitely doesn’t count.


6. Your mum kicks butt (mostly at home), and you know this because she’s kicked yours.


7. Can Biebs get you the extra brownie points for heaven?


8. Our parents are just so creative with our names.


9. Trying to explain halal meat…


10. Like, what’s the point of this gathering?


In a nutshell, all the joy of #GrowingUpMuslim!

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