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Ali The Ashes Hero

If you’re a cricket fan (and, even if you’re not THAT much of a cricket fan) you will have probably seen some of The Ashes during the summer holidays. Cricket’s oldest rivalry, between England and Australia, produced an exciting series, which England eventually won three-two, to take back The Urn (that’s where the Ashes reference comes from…). One of the heroes of the England side is referred to as “the beard to be feared” – which reflects Moeen Ali’s prowess on the field. Not only is Birmingham’s finest one of the most in-form players in the world right now, he’s one of the most high-profile Muslim sportspeople in the U.K.


Back in 2005, when England won The Ashes for the first time in a generation, young people were inspired to pick up a bat (or ball) for the first time, and cricket levels soared. Could Moeen’s success have a similar affect, only this time inspire more young, talented Muslims to believe they can make it as a pro? He can certainly act as a role-model; in interviews, the Worcestershire all-rounder is open about his faith. After growing up as a non-practicing Muslim, he began observing as a young adult, and now includes prayer in his daily routine. What’s more, not only does he not let playing get in the way of his faith, he credits it with improving his performance. During Ramadan, he played for England while fasting – and believes having to concentrate on the game – so he didn’t think about sandwiches, or whatever – meant he was 100% committed to his game.

After a brilliant summer, Moeen Ali is a champion, and even more in the public eye. He should be the benchmark for young Muslims that want to be sportspeople – who knows when the next superstar will appear…

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