About Us

The Federation of Muslim Organisations (FMO) was launched in 1983 to provide help and support for the Muslim communities in Leicester and Leicestershire, and has had a long and positive working relationship with many private, public and voluntary sector organisations over the last 32 years. A registered charity, we have worked exhaustively on a whole range of projects covering such areas as education, housing, youth and social welfare in order to meet the needs of the Muslim community.

We are made up of several organisations, whose main purpose is to bring together the Muslim communities within Leicester and Leicestershire and forge a bond between them and the public sector.

Our role is to make sure that we represent the views and opinions of the Muslim community, and influence any decisions that have an impact on that community. It is important that the Muslim community not only has a voice, but is also heard.

We also encourage understanding between people of all faiths and none, and are active in organising events that anyone can attend, regardless of their faith or creed, so they can gain a better insight to Islam, and we of them.

We have led on many key initiatives, working hand in hand with the City and County Council as well as other organisations. Our goal is to be the heart of the community and we’ve run countless ground-breaking projects including Safeguarding in Madrassahs, in addition to our Radio Ramadan project, which is an essential part of how we engage with the Muslim community as it allows public sector organisations to inform them of what’s going on.

However our reach extends far beyond the confines of Leicestershire, given that the Radio Ramadan project has attracted over one million listeners worldwide via the Internet, and we’re thrilled that our outreach work is now reaching a global audience.

Given the diversity of the Muslim Community we’re keen to ensure that everyone is catered for. Not only do we offer leadership programmes for young people, but we also run groups for women, organise community events, deliver training on religion and belief and offer advice on how to resolve disputes in an amicable and courteous fashion.

Our goal is to be a voice for all Muslims in the UK, not just those in Leicester, and given that our work with politicians and government is increasingly gaining coverage in the national media, we are in a stronger position than ever before to assert that claim.

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