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7 People Who Took Their Salat to Another Level

As Muslims, we understand that praying is incredibly important. Sometimes the challenges of modern living make it look impossible. But Muslims are experts at finding a way.

No prayer room nearby? No problem! You can find a place that’s just as good in busy traffic, in a lift or even in the middle of a supermarket queue! The unusual location does not make the prayer any less holy.

These people have taken their salat to the next level:

1- This cabbie found peace in the middle of New York traffic


Photo source here

2- Park Life is halal for these ladies


Photo source here

3- No perch is too high for salat


Photo Source here 

4- During graduation? Why not!



Photo source here

5- Space? Who needs it?


Photo source here

6-  These guys were lucky the food trolley had gone


Photo source here

7- Ok, we just put this in because they’re cute!


Photo source here


Have you prayed anywhere unusual? Tell us all about it!


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