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Halal Food Instagram Heroes #6 The Halal Food Diaries

Yes gang, the next instalment of Halal Food Instagram Heroes is here! Are you ready?! Are you ready to be subjected to photo after photo of delicious food? Halal meal after exotic halal meal scrolling along your screen, the mere sight of them torturing you as you search for the answer at the bottom of another empty Tesco sandwich box; wishing your lunch could reach the heights of the glories consumed by the Instagrammers we feature in HFIH?

Yeah, you’re ready.

Our next blogger, or rather, blog, is The Halal Food Diaries. The person behind the IG and the reviews is a doctor by profession, but when she’s not treating patients she’s on the hunt for the best halal eats in London and beyond.

Along with her Instagram, she fills the Halal Food Diaries website with restaurant reviews that are honest in their praise and distinctly uncomplicated in their criticism.

As is tradition, we’re now going to dump a pile of uploads from her Instagram onto your phone or tablet or laptop screen. Prepare for spit-roasted lamb, sugary treats, and mounds of kofta, fries, salads…and so on. Welcome to (halal) Flavourtown:

Euro Quality Lambs – spinning lamb! #halal #londonhff #halallamb #butchery #roast

A post shared by thehalalfooddiaries (@thehalalfooddiaries) on

And just for good measure, here’s a pigeon and cinnamon pastilla.

We had no idea that this Moroccan specialty even existed, now it’s all we can think about. We swear, just when we thought these halal bloggers couldn’t surprise us, they drop a pastilla on us. If you know where to cop a high quality version of this in the UK, please let us know. Immediately.

This is 100% why we’re still searching for halal food bloggers and sharing them with you. Even if you only discover one thing that looks incredible, it expands the world of halal eats just that little bit further.

On The Halal Food Diaries site, there’s a quote from Virginia Woolf:

‘One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.’

Now those are words to eat by.

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