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5 Ways to Beat the Ramadan Blues

Those niggly Ramadan blues are as common an event as the holy month itself, for you may now be feeling the creeping absence of Ramadan as it leaves us and the pangs of regret for not doing more. Do not fret, however, because just as Ramadan is the training session for the soul, the months succeeding it are designed to be another chance, another lesson, another moment in which to grow.

There are a few things you can take from Ramadan and pop into your pocket for the next part of your journey:

  1. Be kind to people: It seems obvious, but think how many times you stopped yourself arguing with someone, talking back at your parents or gossiping pointlessly during the holy month. These things aren’t meant to resume right after Eid! Try holding yourself together in the challenges to come.
  1. Make extra effort with the daily prayers: The Ramadan routine may have meant that you squeezed in extra time in between your shifts to ensure you made wudhu and prayed on time. Naturally, this would have come with adjustments, such as asking colleagues for a space to pray. These efforts can continue outside of Ramadan now that you’re getting used to the changes.
  1. Keep up the ‘little’ deeds: Those little ones always add up, and the prophet (pbuh) is reported to have said, “Take up good deeds only as much as you are able, for the best deeds are those done regularly even if they are few.” Whether it’s reading just half a page of Qur’an per day, doing one set of tasbeeh, or giving your sibling a cuddle before bed, carry out small deeds that you are able to maintain to build your character.
  1. Watch your eating habits: In some ways, Ramadan has become a bit of an irony, as we spend more money in supermarkets during this month and subject ourselves to food coma! Think about scaling down your feasts, eating less meat, being less wasteful and understanding the relationship between a healthy stomach and your alert, talented mind. We must seek to be more grateful for the abundance and variety of food – a luxury that not many can enjoy in modern times.
  1. Return to the things that matter: When we returned to our essence this past month, we had to prioritise our workload, reduce possibility of stress, and re-connect with our families and our religion. Ramadan provides perspective. Hold on to this as you take your next step forward, and don’t allow yourself to be overwhelmed with routine.
  2. We wish you a blessed Eid and a Ramadan-inspired strength of character!

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