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4 Ways to Style Your Beard (And Yes, Glitter Beards Are a Thing)

The beard has been a fashion staple for a few years now. Those who are lucky enough to be able to grow their beard to a respectable length have many different reasons for having one, some religious and others to look cool.

From the Sunna beards to the hipsters in East London, beards are here to stay. But if you’re a guy, you know how much work can go into maintaining your facial pride and joy. Anything from special creams and oils, to the more extravagant visits to specialist barbers, guys will try anything! So here are our favourite* beard trends, the weird and wonderful!

*You don’t have to try this at home. (But you can!)

1. Flower power beards

Men around the world have been pictured with flower arrangements in their bushy beards. It is difficult to figure out how this look came about, but you know your spiritual, hippie mate is down with it.

Flower beard

2. The over groomed beards

We all know one. Your mate who goes to the barbers and gets a little bit too much work done on his beard. This bro loves his beard more than anything and truly sees it as his biggest asset. Lots of attention is paid.

Spider Beard

3. The goatee

This one has become a classic. The only problem is no one has ever looked that good with it. Your mate insists it makes him look more interesting, but you are not so sure. There must be a reason why the goatee has been around for so long, we’re just not sure what it is!

Question Mark beard

4. All that glitters

Now, this is an interesting one! Glitter beards took over Instagram last winter and people loved them. It looks like they’ll be making a comeback this year too. There are even tutorials on how to get your own glitter beard at home. We will be giving that a go!

glitter beard

Know anymore funky beard trends? Does your mate’s beard make you lol? Let us know!

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